Focus On: Oh Yeah Studio x Nokoanna

The Stone is a Clever Design Solution and Collaboration Between Siblings

Norwegian designers Anna and Hans Christian Øren are siblings of different, yet interlinking tastes. Anna is an industrial designer and owner of Nokoanna, whilst graphic designer, Hans, owns Oh Yeah Studio.

‘We have always talked about designing together some day’, the siblings told The Plus. Their collaboration, which they’ve named the OGN project, makes use of their complementary talents.

Introducing, The Stone: OGN’s minimalist piece of furniture, small cube to tidy up all the messy cords and cables on your desk. Anna and Hans described the collaboration process as: ‘first fun, then frustrating and then fruitful’.
We spoke to Anna and Hans about their journey in collaboration and discovery:

The Plus: Could you take us through the development of the idea?
Anna Øren & Hans Christian Øren: Our original idea was to make a new type of furniture that could tidy up all the messy cords and cables. We first thought about a wooden table or that could lead the cords from the floor to the tabletop.

Then we understood that what we did not want a large product, but we wanted something simple that could be in any home and stand on any existing table. We therefore designed a minimalistic and abstract product that would keep the cords and cables tidy exactly where you left them.

TP: Why a cube shape?
AØ & HCØ: We wanted to find some natural rocks and put them together, but then we though that it would be bad for the tabletop surface. Then after sketching and thinking a bit, we decided to make a simple cold polished cube shape made in marble, this combines both nature and one of the simplest shape of all shapes.


The Plus: What was the collaboration process like?
AØ & HCØ: Our motto is: ‘good enough, ain’t good enough’. We believe that the more you work, the better luck you have. Our skills and talents are complementary, which is a good starting point.

TP: Are there more projects to come with this collaboration?
AØ & HCØ: Yes. The next project will be something weird in wood, but what it will be, what function and expression we do not know yet. This time we start with defining the material, instead of letting the shape or function define the project. We collaborate and do OGN project because we want do discover new shapes and functions, we do it after work, and we do it as long as it is fun.


Take a look at some other fruits of OGN:
Hans Christian Øren


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