Cinema Obscura

Marty and Emmett’s Most Obscure Quotes Turned into Posters

‘Dad’s Home! Lord of the manor, King of the castle!’ is what the 4-year old daughter of owner and creative director of Gigiwatt Graphics, Geoff Bloom, hears when her dad gets back from work. Geoff is a true Back to the Future fanatic – able to recite the entire film from memory. His passion has resulted in his latest, Cinema Obscura – a poster series based around obscure quotes from films, like Back to the Future, Shaun of the Dead and The Fifth Element.

Each poster contains four elements: an obscure quote, a high level of contrast, a prop from the movie and all the posters are crafted in a minimal fashion. The art director told The Plus that he didn’t want to make a collection of the same old pop culture reference. “I wanted more obscure quotes that only the truest of fans would catch”. The art director told us some more about his work:

The Plus: Would you say that you have a particular style or technique?
Geoff Bloom:
It’s hard to say what my style is when I spend so much of my day designing for others, but I personally enjoy clean modern designs that focus on the small details that bring an illustration to life. I’m a firm believer in highlights and shadows.

TP: What do you do besides watching films and design?
I’m a Bruins Hockey fanatic, Video game player, movie buff, proud father of a 4-year old daughter, and an all-around artsy/crafty dude.

TP: What are you working on now/next?
I have my own design studio, Gigawatt Graphics, and I’m also a full time Art Director. Next up in the poster series will be a print from The Fifth Element.