Blooming Flowers

The Symbol of 60s’ and 70s’ Peace and Love, Flower Power is Presented in Timelapse

‘I got discouraged at times when certain flowers did not fully bloom,’ French filmmaker Thomas Blanchard said. Just in time for the advent of spring, Thomas’s video Blooming Flowers, is a gorgeous time-lapse of blossoming petals. Accompanied by the joyous 60s pop sounds of Linda Scott, this video is sure to get you into the sunshine vibe.

Taking four months to create, this film is the equivalent of 9,624 individual RAW photos, which he captured with a Canon 550D and 24-105mm. As a long-time lover of nature, Thomas found that this labour of love was the best way he knew how to pay tribute to the flowers he admires, as well as the decades which most strongly embrace the symbol of the flowers, the 60s and 70s.