Focus On: Anagrama

A Chat with the Creative Juggernauts Behind this Mexico-Based International Branding Firm

In their latest project for client, Mona de Castellarnau, Mexico-based international branding, architecture and software development firm, Anagrama have developed a clean, modern minimalist image to serve the brand.

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The creative luxury lifestyle brand, which produces unique and thoughtful, minimalist-design products, such as throws, leather clutches, bags and pillows, required a development of the brand’s visual identity. Putting a stamp on Mona de Castellarnau’s stationary and item tags, Anagrama’s solution was one of timeless simplicity, showing contrast between the modern and daring designs of Mona’s products without taking away from their essence. We asked the studio more about their processes.

The Plus: Anagrama works on a range of things, like branding, architecture and software development. How many of you are there? And do you focus on any one aspect of the business more?
We’re a well-rounded agency so we try to give equal importance to all of our services. We like challenging projects and working with interesting clients who love what they do. We’re a growing team consisting of more than 30 people, including designers, architects, and web programmers.

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TP: What are the sources of inspiration behind your designs?
Inspiration comes from everywhere and everything: music, textures, aromas, and colours.

TP: As a big team could you tell us more about the your working process?
It all starts with us getting to know the client, filling out the creative brief, and establishing the brand’s competitors. Then we move on to mood boards in order to start forming a creative direction and a concept.

Step three is sketching, we generate lots of sketches that are inspired by the mood boards that the clients select, we mix everything up and add our own touch which then allows us to move on to more detailed sketching and digitalizing with a general idea and execution which we show on our digital mock ups.

A pitch is then generated and the keynote is presented to our clients, we justify all of our process with the brief that was established at the beginning of the work process. Once the client authorizes all of our designs we move on to working on the files that will be printed.

This process is very flexible and we adapt to any necessities.

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