Love, Art and Music: Le Prélude

Patrick Peris Captures Marie-Hélène Sirois Interpretation of a Famous Complex Love Affair

In celebration of the long, complex love affair between Notorious German composer, Robert Schumann and his wife, virtuoso pianist Clara Wieck, artist Marie-Hélène Sirois and Wieck’s Symphony have composed this synergy of art and music.

Captured by director, Patrick Peris, the video Marie-Helene Sirois – Le Prélude, details the process by which Marie-Hélène creates a series of paintings: twelve wood panels measuring 91 cm by 2,13 meter. On each panel is painted a white rose in a different flowering stage, symbolizing the various phases of a love affair.

‘Her creative journey really made sense to me,’ Patrick told The Plus. ‘The crossing between the visual arts and the musical part was very inspiring. It came out naturally.’

Currently working on more portraits over the coming months, as well as a feature film, we managed to catch up with Patrick to find out more:

The Plus: How did your collaboration with Marie-Hélène Sirois’ Schumann come about?
Patrick Peris:
Marie-Hélène got in touch with me through people she knew that had seen a previous artist video portrait of mine called “Spazuk Fire Painter”. They liked the way it was captured and asked me to consider doing one for her. After I saw her paintings, we just had to work together.

TP: What attracts you to filming artist portraits?
I’ve always been fascinated by creators, regardless of the medium. Before being a filmmaker, I used to showcase different talents in a classy bistro in Quebec city. I would explore each artist’s creative space trough photography that I would then feature by interactive slides on the public showings to open discussion for all those present. My own medium now being the moving image, it just seems like something natural for me to do.

TP: How is the music of Schumann incorporated into this video?
Schuman’s music is part of Marie-Hélène’s creative exploration of the complex and passionate relationship he lived with virtuoso pianist Clara Wieck. This video is the first part of a 12 year project surrounding their relationship.