Moving Pictures

A Look At the Inescapable Pull of Delusions Through Collages and Patterns

‘The GIFs came out of need,’ New Jersey based artist, Kevin Welsh told The Plus. ‘I am a firm believer that the concept defines the medium.’

Removing human figures from photographs and filling the space with vibrant, flashing patterns, Kevin, offers the viewer the chance to consider the effects of delusion in his Moving Pictures series.

Day Dream
His initial photogravure series, which dealt with the subject of delusions, was a response to the post modernism of late 80s New York, which analysed advertising effects on people’s search for personal identity.

‘I really wanted the viewer to be able to see the patterns move, pushing the concept into a digital realm with GIFS,’ Kevin told us. ‘The photogravures have an aesthetic that presents a reflection of the past, especially in-that it is a 19th century photo process. This series of GIFs pushed into our here and now.’

We asked Kevin more about his work:

The Plus: Are you the figure in the collages?
Kevin Welsh:
Yes, I wanted consistency with the figure throughout the series. I set up my framing and put my camera on a timer. I am always trying to find positions that create interesting silhouettes and shadows.

Find My Memories
TP: What type of difficulties do you face, photographing yourself?
Often the poses don’t work out as planned with negative space, so I have to play with various solutions to maintain the concept. It becomes especially difficult when I am working with the shower on, or a bathtub full of water, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve flooded my bathroom working on this series, but its all part of the process.

TP: Will you carry on developing this theme?
I’m working on a related series, creating a visual dialogue between multiple people, the exchange of information and how we spread delusion to one another. I am very excited about this new series because I really love “people watching” and it allows me to conceptualize relationships.

Definite Darkness
Holding on For Life