Sensational Fingertips

Designer Natha Khunprasert Focusses On Enhancing and Entrapping the Sensations of Body Parts

With the aims of challenging the sensations, movement and functions of fingers, Fingertips, is the collection by Thailand- born, London-based jewellery designer Natha Khunprasert.

‘My interest in fingertips has evolved from my love of nail arts,’ Natha told us. ‘It has naturally made me appreciate and become more aware of their importance in our daily lives, especially as a designer.’

The pieces of the collection are placed on or around the fingertips, to produce a caging sensation, interrupt movement, or capture function. Some pieces enhance movement (the ingenious stationary set), whilst others hinder.

Natha is currently completing a Central Saint Martins graduate research degree, with a showcase planned for 24-28 June, 2015, but still found some time to touch on some points with us.

The Plus: Do you see your designs as more sculptures, or jeweller, or something in between?
NK: I do not create my work with the intention of making them sculptural. The shapes and designs of each piece follow how it is worn and sit on the body as well as its function and intention. They are probably ‘wearable art’ in my opinion.

TP: Were there any ideas you found technically difficult to actualise?
NK: The Entrapment ring was definitely the most challenging technically. The nature of the forms, materials and manufacturing process have their own constraints that made the piece complicated to produce.

TP: Do you plan to develop or add to these pieces in the future?
NK: I see them as finished and finalised pieces, although there are many more ideas and designs that could be developed under the concepts. I am working on new designs which explore different materials and ideas to extend my knowledge and widen my skills as a designer.

Stationary Set

Sensational Fingertips
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