Town Planning

Enter a Game-like World Full of Colours and Playful Patterns

When reality is drab and bleak, these are the moments we can be especially grateful for artists, such as London-based designer and printmaker Peter Judson, whose work is to create a playful space for escapism.

Reminiscent of the glossy, colourful game-style piece of Lido Sim, which we featured previously, Peter’s Town Planning series uses a range of soft, alluring colours, and creative, minimal designs. In true simulator game fashion, Peter offers views of several colourful rooms at once, within the same building, with playfully designed furniture.

town planning1
town planning2
town planning3
town planning4
town planning5
town planning6
town planning7
town planning8
town planning9
town planning10
town planning11
town planning12
Go to his website to view the full series.