Tokyo Dense Fog

Reality and Fantasy in Japan’s Capital in a Video that Stretches Motion Graphic Possibilities

Inspired by articles about anomalous weather and impressive videos of dense fog in California, China and Dubai, Japanese director, Takuma Nakazi decided that he would love to be able to visualize the same phenomena in his home city, using the help of some innovative motion graphics. As part of NIKKOR Motion Gallery, a gallery that introduces new possibilities for video imaging afforded by NIKKOR lenses, Takuma’s Tokyo Dense Fog, was created to blur the lines between reality and fantasy.

‘This movie, uploaded online or on YouTube, could be slipped into the same category of real dense fog, and be dealt with in the same layers,’ Takuma told us of his thinking behind the video’s conception. ‘It would be released as the ambiguous data where reality and fantasy blend into one. I thought it would be interesting.’

Takuma kindly told us more:

The Plus: How did you get involved in The NIKKOR Motion Gallery project?
Takuma Nakazi:
The aim of this project was to open up new possibilities of motion graphics using NIKKOR lens, so we got the offer to join the project as an expert in motion graphics expressions.

TP: How did you want to demonstrate the abilities of the equipment you used?
I used D810. Walking through Tokyo, I was able to capture the ever-changing expressions. I could demonstrate the mobility and delicate expressive power of this product.

TP: What kind of ideas will your next project touch upon?
I will continue to create works with the theme of reality and fantasy using elements of Tokyo city. I will also make installation works that combine natural phenomenon and technology.