Ink Maze

Marija Tiurina Illustrates a Highly Detailed World of Lost Sounds

In collaboration with Saatchi & Saatchi Middle East, London based, Lithuanian artist and illustrator Marija Tiurina produced this intricate maze of numerous scenes, split between noisy wakefulness, and soundless sleep.

‘There are things that spoil the pleasure of peaceful chilling: a noisy neighbor, screaming babies or, well, bears that eating your girlfriend alive.’

Promoting a drink that helps people to sleep, the advertising campaign was themed around different environments: plane, camping and home interior. Her drawings show a world where potentially disruptive sounds get lost in the maze, providing little pockets of peace, where sleep can occur.

Being as detailed as it is, the illustrations might be a lot to take in. So dive in for an up close tour with this video:

Marija told us more about her work:

The Plus: What was the collaboration process with Saatchi & Saatchi ME like?
Marija Tiurina:
I really enjoyed the collaboration as the guys from Saatchi have always supported original creativity instead of taking a secured digital path. They really wanted to have a detailed traditional ink drawing for their campaign, which I thought was a good sign of quality appreciation.

TP: The ink illustrations took you a couple of months to complete.
Creating a busy A3 ink drawing by hand isn’t something that happens quickly. It takes a lot of time, patience and precision to create art like that. Another point is that working with such a big client like Saatchi requires a lot of polishing, so many days passed before we agreed on a sketch that went into full ink drawing production.

TP: Digital art or hand drawing?
I think that traditional art takes a lot more skill because you can’t press ctrl+z and undo your action.

TP: Your favourite animation character?
Well, from nerdy point of view, Naruto’s trio and studio Ghibli’s characters are just great and beyond awesome. I am also an absolute fan of Emperor’s New Groove.