Sea Change: Squares

Electro Gaze and Otherworldly Animation in Brand New Sea Change Video

‘There are so many live action videos, with nice lighting and some beautiful white ‘indie’ girls running around in the woods or whatever,’ Norwegian musician, Sea Change, explained to The Plus. ‘But I wanted to do something different. I feel this video is from another world and gives the song a new dimension.’

Long-time friend of Sea Change, Ingrid Marie Hjelmerud, created this animation music video for her track, Squares. It follows the sequence of a graphical head being slowly built up, and then morphing into some eerie distortions.

Also known as Ellen A.W. Sunde, Sea Change crafted the majority of her debut album, Breakage, in her bedroom in Oslo. Her fan base is gradually snowballing due to her meditative electro sound, reminiscent of iamamiwhoami and Lykke Li. We caught up with her just before her upcoming London gig this Friday:

The Plus: What was it like recording the tracks for your album in your bedroom?
There were a lot of construction workers in my building when I was recording. That was pretty annoying when I was doing the vocal takes. But most of it worked quite well. Luckily I recorded everything with a cheap microphone that isn’t so sound sensitive! I really like the lo-fi feel of it.


TP: How would you say your home country influences your sound?
It’s hard to say. I guess the long wintertime in Norway does something to you. It is more natural to be at home making music than run around having fun like you do in the summer time. The cities are so small and there is a lot of nature, even in Oslo. So I guess it has some impact.
But still I get inspirations from artists and films, from everywhere.

TP: Do you have anything exciting planned for your upcoming London show?
Actually we are doing this new thing for the first time in London. Usually I’m hidden behind a computer and working the tracks while singing, but for the London show I will be more at the front of the stage. I’m really looking forward to that.
We will also bring our light visuals to the show so you really can dive into our musical world.

If you are in London, catch Sea Change at Sebright Arms, London, UK, 27th Feb 2015