Social Distortions

Ryder Ripps’ Digitally Warped Portraits from Model Adrianne Ho’s Instagram Account Ripps_Swim It is not surprising that gorgeous model, Adrianne Ho, should be the subject of a series of large-scale oil paintings by 28 year old, New York-based conceptual artist, Ryder Ripp. What might be surprising, however, is the style in which he chose to capture her. Through a process in which he digitally manipulates and then paints his results, Ryder has managed to explore ideas of attractiveness, male gaze, and modern social media fascination, through these disorientating distortions of the model. His 9,000+ followers on Instagram, and programming background combined with his obvious artistic flair, are proof of why The New York Times described him as ‘the consummate Internet cool kid.’ Ripps_Sippy Ripps_Punch Ripps_ML Ripps_Hourglass Ripps_Heater Ripps_GR An exhibition of these images, titled Ho, is open at Postmasters Gallery, New York until, February 28, 2015. Ripps_Drink Ripps_Nose