New York Photographer Andrew B. Myers Arranges Everyday Objects in a Minimalist Fashion

Busy Minimal3
Balloons, confetti, fruit, sweets, toys and pins, are just some of the everyday objects that decorate New York photographer, Andrew B. Myers’ minimal images.

Andrew’s colourful style captures the beauty in unassuming objects, as he arranges them in a way which alludes to their abundance in the modern world. Its not hard to see why these playful images are causing a stir, as they provide a wider visual narrative, whilst also paying attention to small details.

Busy Minimal2
Busy Minimal5
Andrew has worked on a range of major publications, including Bloomberg, Businessweek, Bloomberg Markets, enRoute and Esquire Russia, as well as maintaining his own personal work. We found out more about it:

The Plus: How did your particular style of images develop?
Andrew B. Myers: I was always inspired by the flatness and beauty of certain modern painters like Alex Katz, Toba Khedoori, Paul Wonner, Julie Mehretu and Robert Bechtle. From early on in life I was obsessed with categorical things like diagrams and maps, which I believe informed how I later went about making certain of my images. I love the different and creative ways that visual information can be organized in a 2D environment.

TP: How do you decide what objects will feature in the images? Is there a process to this?
ABM: I like scattered assortments and odd pairings, but there isn’t any true method here. I never know what sort I’ll grow to like next.

TP: What’s the most challenging part of creating these images?
ABM: I find technical challenges to be the most difficult. It’s a little frustrating when you have a very clear idea in your head that you simply couldn’t be able to realise because of constraints with space, time, light, etc.

TP: So, what is the process of making these images?
ABM: That I want to keep a mystery.

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