London Illustrator Brings Together the Best of Both Worlds with Star Wars Droid Playing Dress Up

In a playful series that re-imagines the well-loved Star Wars Droid character, R2-D2, as famous super heroes, London-based illustrator, Steve Berrington has combined the very best of fantasy worlds in his series, Starwars Droid R2-D2 Superheroes.

As a graphic illustrator with a passion for superhero pop culture, Steve is no stranger to juxtaposing a surprising and unexpected mix of characters, creating something fresh and new in the process. Here he brings heroes such as Captain America, Superman and Wonder Woman, as well as infamous villains like the Joker, into the Starwars realms of R2-D2. With this collision of universes, it’s no wonder fans are reeling with excitement at these images.

Starwars Droid1
Starwars Droid2
Starwars Droid3
Starwars Droid4
Starwars Droid5
Starwars Droid6
Starwars Droid7
Starwars Droid8