Taxonomy of a Landscape

Nature Meets Development Across North American Views in these Dramatic Landscape Photographs
US photographer Victoria Sambunaris has a passion for road trips, and for documenting the changing scenes of America. She ensures that she travels every year, her most recent trip being to South Texas, photographing the intersection of geology, industry and culture.

“The work has evolved over the years and each trip since the beginning has been a lesson revealing a story in geographical, economical, political, and cultural terms,” she recently told Slate magazine. She hopes that her work will raise questions of our collective roles and responsibilities within the landscapes that we find ourselves in. Her first book, Taxonomy of a Landscape, was published by Radius Books in 2014.

We asked Victoria about some of her preferences:

The Plus: City or countryside?
Victoria Sambunaris: Too much of one will send me to the edge, I need both to keep things balanced.

TP: Land or water?
VS: I’m a landscape kind of girl but love a good river, lake or ocean.

TP: Mountains or valleys?
VS: Standing on mountains looking into valleys

TP: Travelling by plane or by train?
VS: These days, train.

TP: Books or experience?
VS: With my back seat piled with books and the world outside my windshield, I guess I’d toss the books very reluctantly and drive into the sun.

10,000- miles travelled each year over the last 15 years
50- US states visited
Boundless- the amount of photographs taken