Mehdi Ghadyanloo: Perception

The Iranian Artist Explores the Concept of Time and Space through Perspectival Illusion

Ceremony of Distress 1
Ceremony of Distress 2
Ceremony of Distress 3
Hailing from a country where the bounds of acceptable discourse are severely limited by the state, Iranian artist Mehdi Ghadyanloo’s work reveals the heart his home nation, which is often misunderstood and misinterpreted by westerners. It uncovers the struggle and desire for expression in an otherwise impenetrable Iran.

In his home city of Tehran, Mehdi has been involved in the Beautification Bureau of Tehran’s municipality for the last 8 years; his task and ambition being to ‘beautify’ his grey and polluted city. In both his mural and canvas work he channels the universal themes of hope, anticipation, loss, and sadness. His canvas paintings draw out a darker, melancholic side to his practice, with empty landscapes and muted palettes.

Logic of Metaphysics 1
Logic of Metaphysics 2

Three things to know about Mehdi Ghadyanloo’s London visit:
1. Howard Griffin Gallery has invited Ghadyanloo to paint on the streets of Central London in addition to exhibiting inside the Gallery.
2. It will be the first time the artist has painted murals outside of Tehran.
3. Ghadyanloo’s practice will be analysed through an accompanying publication that will include essays and interviews by the curator and leading scholars on Iranian art.

Exploration of Sadness Gravity 1
Exploration of Sadness Gravity 2
Hat Trick without Encouragement 1
Hat Trick without Encouragement 2

Imitation of Respect
Shoot to Puzzle
Anticipation of Sin
Mehdi Ghadyanloo’s Perception opens 26th February at Howard Griffin Gallery, London, UK