Moments in Europe

Miguel Endara Spent Two Weeks Recording the Beauty of Europe via iPhone

Whilst on a short trip to Holland for his brother’s wedding, Miami-based artist and director Miguel Endara decided he would make the most of the opportunity to do some further travelling in Europe.

Visiting the countries of Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, Belgium, and the Netherlands, Miguel was sure to whip out his iPhone to record (at 120fps) any and all random moments that seemed special to him.

‘I don’t particularly like taking cameras with me when I travel for pleasure,’ he told us, ‘because I end up worrying too much about filming and not experiencing the actual moment.’

Relying on an iPhone also relieved him of worries such as SD cards, batteries, lenses, filters, tripods, changing settings, and all those other annoying things filmmakers must keep track of.

‘It shoots exceptionally well given the right lighting conditions,’ Miguel added. ‘So why not use the iPhone?’ We found out more about his travels:

The Plus: In which country did you most enjoy being?
Miguel Endara:
The Netherlands. It’s such a beautiful and socially progressive country, made up of lovely people. They were the first country in the world to legalize same-sex marriage! Why wouldn’t you want to hang out with these people?

TP: Did you discover any unexpected places/things?
I’ve been to Europe before, so I already knew how beautiful it was, but it still amazes me every time I go, which is not too often. I discovered that there are a lot more vegan and vegetarians restaurants than I thought there were in Europe. Prague had the best selection of vegan food!

TP: What’s next on the travel list?
New Zealand!