New Zealand Shepherds

Photographer Anderew Fladeboe Focused on the Passion and Dedication of Working Dogs

As a long time lover of all animals, fine art photographer, Andrew Fladeboe, decided it would be a good idea to narrow his attentions to just one mammal, in order to deepen his knowledge and produce an in depth project.

‘Dogs were a natural fit because I can travel almost anywhere in the world and photograph them,’ he told us. ‘The more I researched dogs, the more I grew to love working dogs. I found the story of the working dog fascinating as they’ve been by our side for 30,000+ years.’

His three volumes titled The Shepherd’s Realm, have seen Andrew travel to Norway, the Netherlands, Scotland, and most recently, New Zealand, as well as being awarded a Fulbright Grant, for his photography and study of working dogs in New Zealand. We asked Andrew more about his work:

The Plus: Did you know much about Shepherd dogs before starting the series?
Anderew Fladeboe:
I researched and read as much as I could, so I had a pretty good idea of how they worked and their history before I got to New Zealand. What surprised me is just how much the dogs love to work. They really live to work!

TP: Is it difficult to work with dogs?
Yes, but luckily working dogs are highly trained and easier to photograph. Patience is the key and good communication with whoever is handling the dog.

TP: What are your creative influences?
I am heavily influenced by Victorian traditions. Visually speaking I blend Romanticism with Realism. I’m interested in creating visually striking images that illicit an emotional response from the viewer. I’m also influenced by natural history dioramas, scientist-artist adventures of the 19th Century, and “the Jungle Book” by Rudyard Kipling.