Between the Lines

Venezuelan Photographer, Gabriel Alejandro Gomez Herrera, Captures Light and Structure

In a black and white series of striking urban photography, Venezuelan photographer, Gabriel Alejandro Gomez Herrera explores the impact of light on the cityscape with Between the Lines.

‘my intention was to focus on the way that light shows up upon the structures and how it flows with geometrical faces of it.’

Paying close attention to detail, Alejandro is able to hone in on the geometric beauty of the structures around him, perfectly shown in theses images taken in Caracas, Venezuela and Bogota, Colombia’s Gold Museum. His photographic style, which he has been developing for the last three years (since the age of 18), has already seen him produce a range of projects including surreal portraits and dramatic scenes. Alejandro captures the beauty in people, as well as still life, highlighting the drama in unassuming scenes. We asked him more about this particular series:

The Plus: What first drew you to start shooting this series?
Gabriel Alejandro Gomez Herrera: I first started this series in Colombia and I was quite lost in the structures and the way that everything came together, maybe it was the people, the light, the silence, then I took shot and I started to see the buildings in a different way. I started to watch. Sometimes I dont know it, I just feel it.

TP: What do you love about architecture?
GAGH: The way the structure combining with the space, makes me wonder about the creative minds who were behind these buildings. I gave special focus to the details of the buildings because thats what life is about, details. So I tend to pay attention to them, thats why I really love architecture, even if I`m not an architect I considered myself a fan.

TP: How would you describe your developing style in photography?
GAGH: I would say its experimental. A combination of everything I like. Its kind of tricky but I have to say that its a mix between Urbanism and Artistic Portraits.

TP: What do you plan to do next?
GAGH: I’m planning to keep going with photography and developing my style. After I finish university this year probably in July I want to go for a trip to keep discovering more places.