A Painting a Day

New York artist Shares Lovely Pieces of Art and Scenes of Love by Social Media Every Day

‘I never really run out of ideas to paint,’ New York artist, Zac Retz told us. ‘I look forward everyday to come home from work and do a quick painting.’

Besides working as a background painter for Nickelodeon games at Workinman Interactive, Zac shares a painting on social media every day. All of his paintings seem to tell a story, which can be funny, sad or even romantic.


He gets his inspiration mostly from real life, such as childhood memories, relationships, nature and anything that has had a memorable impact on him.

What Zac enjoys most about painting is putting his feelings into image form. This has certainly been successful; with more than 6,700 people now following his work on Facebook. You can find him by searching #apaintingeveryday on Facebook and Instagram. We spoke style, process and valentines with Zac:

The Plus: Do you have a creative style?
Zac Retz:
My work incorporates whimsical characters, lush and atmospheric landscapes, intimate moments, innocence, and wonder. Overall I like to keep my paintings painterly and focus on creating a mood, and evoking emotion.

TP: What is the process of creating these images?
I paint in Photoshop. My paintings start out as very rough doodles to figure out the composition and gesture of the characters. Then I refine my drawing and block in the colors. I use colors, lighting, and composition to help tell a story and show the mood. The last thing I do is refining the focal point of the painting.

TP: Could you describe your perfect Valentines Day?
If I could do anything on Valentines Day I would spend it with an amazing girl. We would be somewhere warm and by the ocean. We would walk along the beach and hike up the big sand dunes so we could see for miles. We would lay a blanket out and maybe draw together and eat food as the sun starts to go down. Then we would just lay there together as the sun sets. The simple moments with that special person in your life is the greatest!