Mew: Satellites

Casper Balslev Brings Together Light and Energy For the Danish Band’s Performance Video

Being Mew’s first music video since 2009, as well as their first video from their new album +-, Copenhagen-based director, Casper Balslev was set for the task of creating a strong performance video for the Danish rock band. It has to be said that he delivered, with this enigmatically lighted video that that calls to mind the inside of a malfunctioning/crash-landing space-aircraft.

‘I wanted to create a strong performance video for the band. Showcasing Mew united, and as the great live act they are. I wanted to capture the band in an evocative, epic and energetic way’

As a director whose works have been more concentrated on narrative driven videos, this performance video is a rarity for Casper. The Plus had a quick chat with him about the video, and his future work:

The Plus: What was the collaborative process like in making the video?
Casper Balslev:
The lighting was done by some German guys called ELEKTROPASTETE. We spent some nights prior to the shoot, eating pizza, programming the light, and planning out the actual structure of the video.

TP: How did you connect the visuals to the feeling of the song?
The song is grand and epic. And that is also what we wanted to achieve in the visuals.

TP: What is next on the cards?
I just finished a video for an upcoming artist called Josef Salvat, which is coming out soon. I’m also shooting a promotional film for ‘The Swan Lake’ at The Danish Royal Theatre.