Predators and Preys

Both Hunters and the Hunted are Brought Together in Andrea Minini’s Latest Animal Series

Look closely at graphic designer, Andrea Minini’s latest project, Predators and Preys, and you will find that things are not as they seem at first glance. With his excellent use of negative space, Andrea has brought together both types of animals, expressing them in all their predatorial and vulnerable glory.

‘Nature seems to be based on a balance of opposites. There’s no day without night, life without death, and, in this case there are no predators without prey.’

His images feature animals and visual tricks, such as the outline of an unsuspecting bunny rabbit between the legs of a bird of prey, and an orca using its fin to form part of the outline of penguin. You might find some prey is easier to catch (with the eye) than others – see if you can recognise any of them below (you can find the answers at the end of the Q&As!):

The Plus: How did you choose the predators you wanted to illustrate?
Andrea Minini:
The first was the cheetah/gazelle couple, then the polar bear/seal. But actually there was no planning about it. I made several attempts with different animals. For example, I tried to draw a gnu head with two crocs… but that didn’t work! I chose to finalise the ones that worked the best.

TP: What is different about this series compared to your previous ones?
This is based on negative space use. The animals in moiré were made of thin lines and moiré patterns. Predator and Preys is more stark, it has to be so, because it’s not always easy to “see” the prey. Any other decorative element would be distracting. Moiré is more complex and structured.

TP: Which animal is your favourite?
 Uhm.. Tiger? …Deer? Actually I don’t have one. I love nature just like anyone else. But what I truly love is their “shape” for illustrations. Everybody knows animals, and so it’s easy for me to get stylised whilst still producing recognisable versions.

polar bear / seal
cheetah / gazelle
giant squid / spermwhale
2 snakes / mouse + bird
hawk / rabbit
killer whale / penguin
deer / wolf