Lido Sim: A Place of Escapism

As the Amount of British Lidos Declines, Milo Targett Explores the Nation’s Turn to Indoor Activities

‘Who would rather play a swimming simulator than actually going swimming?’ animator and director of Lido Sim, asked us rhetorically. ‘Probably a fair few people!’ he responded in the same breath.

His latest short, created with London-based animation company Animade, was inspired by a consideration of the population’s growing preference for indoor activities, like simulator games. It is a glossy colourful game-style piece, which toys with its main character as it tries to go for a swim.

Watch Lido Sim:

‘I wanted it to look alluring, almost edible,’ Milo told us. ‘I enjoy the contrast between the game and what I imagine to be the dark, dusty reality of the player. Lido Sim is a place of escapism.’

Milo told us more about the animation:

The Plus: It seems like it would have been complicated to organise the frames?
Milo Targett:
Yes, it was tricky! Trying to synchronise all the moving parts was quite a challenge. I was initially thinking the piece would involve some element of user interactivity, but it turned out to be far too complex.

TP: Where did the idea come from?
I’ve been working through a lot of ideas to do with virtual realities and simulations. I’m interested in the power these programs afford us, and how we act when using them. Resizing windows seemed like the most basic expression of this control.

TP: Do you already have plans for your next animation?
There are loads to be getting on with at Animade! We’ve just started a new series called Propz. I have a few ideas for personal projects knocking around too, so hopefully you will see some new bits soon!