Matt Crump Started this Super Sweet Trend on Instagram, Presenting Cheerful Colours

‘When the #candyminimal movement started gaining momentum last year, I left my ten-year advertising career to foster its growth,’ said popular Instagramer Matt Crump, who describes himself as a ‘candy-coloured minimalist.’

His minimal images, which are vibrant with candy-like colours, have become all the rage on Instagram, with Matt even providing an open-source of his style and providing tutorials, and creating a @candyminimal features account.


‘Social media is critical to my art,’ Matt told us. ‘Over 40,000 candy-coloured photos have been created and tagged. Since the movement is inspiring to so many people, I want to continue advancing it through social media.’

Matt travels all around America taking these cheerful photographs. We caught up with him to find out more:

The Plus: What is you creative process like?
Matt Crump:
It starts with the shot. I get my angle just right, knowing how I want the final image to be cropped, and take a few shots. Then I begin digitally editing by cleaning up the scene, and removing all objects except my subject. Finally, I adjust the hues and saturation of the background and subject to achieve the desired colours and contrast.

TP: What kind of impression you want to give to audience through the candy coloured minimalism?
I want people to feel like they’re stepping into Candy Land, or another dimension similar to ours but loaded with colour. I want to instill a happy sense of awe and surrealism.


TP: If you have chance to create another Instagram account, what theme you would choose and why?
I’d like to create something in stark contrast to #candyminimal – black and white, or very unsaturated colours. I think it would help me to dig deeper into minimalism, and be fun for people to see a different side of me.

TP: Where do you get your inspiration form?
My greatest inspiration is warm, sunny days with a big blue sky. I see so many photo opportunities when the sky is blue and the weather is nice.

TP: Are you working on any new projects?
Currently, I’m working on two art installations in Austin, Texas for Stonyfield Farm, a yogurt company. I’m also travelling to Beirut later this month to shoot my first photography editorial.


Follow Matt on Instagram – @mattcrump.