Planet Under Pressure

Moth Collective Worked with Global Canopy Programme for this Eye-Opening Animation

Targeted at Latin American politicians and the general public, Planet Under Pressure was first shown at the Climate Change Conference in Lima, Peru, in December 2014. It was created by Moth Collective, (David Prosses, Daniel Chester, and Marie-Margaux Tsakiri-Scanatovits), on behalf of Global Canopy Programme, to spread awareness about the risks and threats of climate change.

‘The reason we decided to come together as a collective in 2010, was to create a platform for us to work on projects that mattered to us, because of their content or because of the challenge and interest they offered us from an artistic point of view,’ the Moth Collective explained.

Planet Under Pressure1
Global Canopy Programme now regularly uses the film as an introduction to their talks.

‘Knowing that we can make some politicians think twice about their decisions on climate change or overfishing is something that really matters to us.’

Now working on two feature live-action documentary films, their own new short film, Galapagos, and an upcoming London Exhibition, soon to be confirmed, the Moth collective is a very busy bunch.

Planet Under Pressure2
Planet Under Pressure3
We found out more about their work on this educational film.

The Plus: How do you feel the style of the film compliments the topics raised?
Moth Collective:
The style we used for both the films, Amazonia Security Agenda and Planet Under Pressure, is graphic, colourful, textured, yet still preserving a hand drawn and organic feel. Both the films needed to feel positive and bright, and had to draw attention to the colour and beauty of the rain-forest, which is at such high risk.

TP: What have you learned during the process of creating this video?
This project has definitely given us a better insight on the issues, threats and consequences of climate change. It has educated us in some of the finer points of environmental work.
In artistic terms, we really enjoyed taking the style that we had applied in the first film we produced for the GCP, and pushing it in a slightly different, more textured direction.

TP: What do you personally do to discourage climate change?
I think that we can all try and be as conscious as possible with the small everyday things, such as recycling. Recycling is something that can be easily done, and that should not be undermined, even if some people find it tedious. Another way of being careful is making sure that the food we buy is consciously produced.

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