Susi Sie: Echoes

Using a Macro Lens to Capture the Hidden Beauty of the Natural World

‘The ingredients are a bit secret!’ Berlin based artist, Susi Sie told us, when we asked about what exactly she is filming in her macro lens shot videos. ‘But you will find each of them in every household…’ she offered a generous clue.

Echoes explores ideas of perception and authenticity, created with strictly analogue techniques.

The results of Susi’s works are unplanned, as she appreciates the unpredictable results of working with analogue techniques. ‘It takes a lot of time and a lot of patience experimenting with different material,’ she told us.

We dove in to Susi’s endless world of macro discovery:

The Plus: What first drew you to this style of video art?
Susi Sie:
After years of working with digital techniques, I really needed something haptic and started with some analog experiments.

TP: What is the main messsage?
I would like to inspire people to discover a universe within the small things.

TP: Have you got more macro-filmed videos planned?
I would like to dive deeper into the world of cinematics and I am now working on a private project that is quite loud and generates amazing patterns.