Pure Meditation

The Breathing of the Sea and the Sound of Ice Captured in Images

By showing us how calming the landscapes of her home country, Finland, can be, photographer and art director, Nina Lindfors takes our breath away in her latest series, Breathing. Her photographs include scenes of the frozen Baltic Sea in Lauttasaari, Helsinki, icicles and lost boats.

‘The sky is the soul of the landscape, so it is a bonus if there is some drama; clouds and variation.’

Nina composed these meditative scenes with varying shades of white, blue and grey; the most abundant of natural colours in these landscapes.

As someone who is very aware of the world’s current ecological issues, Nina spends time thinking about how these problems will affect business and the beauty of nature. Will she be able to make the same sort of images in ten years, or will all the ice and snow be gone by then? Something to think about.

Gearing up for a photo shoot with Gloria Magazine, we manage to grab quick chat with Nina about her processes.

The Plus: Would you say you have a specific creative style?
Nina Lindfors:
It is not easy to describe one’s own style, but if I want to mention two things: minimalism and presence. Presence, in the sense of connecting with the motive, finding stillness inside of myself and expressing it in my images.

TP: What were the biggest challenges to overcome in shooting ‘Breathing’?
The ice was very rough to climb on and also slippery. There was no room for any unconscious moves; I had to be very careful not to fall over.


TP: Do you have a creative ritual/ process?
My creative process is very simple. I meditate. Then I go out and see what will happen. I also meditate with the persons who I’m photographing.

TP: Your favourite place?
For inspiration, nature is the number one for me. I use to say: “When others go to bars, I go to the forest”. My favourite place in the world is Kökar island in the Åland Archipelago

TP: What Landscape is no. 1 on your shooting wish list?
I would probably go to Iceland. I have been there before, but not shooting.