An Uncommon Place

British Photographer and Musician Captures Perfect Dreamscapes

There is little chance for déjà vu when looking at Reuben Wu’s photography of unusual landscapes. The British photographer strives to capture typically unfamiliar scenes. He ends up with imagery of natural and urban settings, which are often rich in color and texture, giving them an almost magical glow.

His preference is for film cameras, because of the physical weight of the equipment, as well as the finite number of exposures available, which he believes help him to edit his photographs better. Also a member of the electronic pop band, Ladytron, Reuben is a creative who pushes the boundaries between analogue and digital techniques. We asked Reuben more about his work:

The Plus: Where were these images taken?
Reuben Wu: Mostly the USA, but kind of everywhere. A lot of these places are very well photographed. I’m just trying to re contextualise them. They are ‘uncommon places’ but their impact has been deadened by so many photographs available.

TP: How do you hope to inspire people through An Uncommon Place?
RW: I hope people see a new perspective perhaps. I’m tired of seeing so many landscape photos which are beautiful in the mainstream sense and technically perfect, but have no soul. It is what happens when you let yourself become too easily influenced by photography, or when you think about photography.

TP: What is your creative process?
WU: I try to be inspired by the experience of being in a place, or by paintings.

TP: What do you do when ideas run dry?
WU: I discover the recipes I am using and abandon them.

TP: What exciting things can we expect from you next?
WU: Just finished directing a Tesla Motors video with friends which we hope to release in the next couple of weeks.