Gentlemanly Comfort

Simplistic yet Luxurious Bachelor Pad by Singapore Based Interior Designers, 0932

With its mellow color palette, simple furniture, and abundance of natural light, this apartment was dreamed up as a luxurious bachelor pad by Singapore based interior designers 0932 Design Consultants.

A main feature of the space is the blurred boundaries, which allow the maximum amount of natural light to flood the interior. They accomplished this by opening up most of the interior wall, and replacing it with a vertical full height glass boundary. Also, overlapping spaces between the dining, living and bedroom can be seen all in one go, creating the dualism of intimacy and spaciousness. We asked the team more about it.

The Plus: What inspired the design of this show suite?
0932 Design Consultants: We proposed three different types of show suites to cater to the local market in Malaysia. For Type A , it’s the smallest unit and the developer target young working adults who can prefer small studio-setting spaces.
We convinced our client to open up the original bedroom and re-design the space for a more efficient spatial layout. And we proposed the 60s rockband, The Beatles, to become the backdrop of our main concept. The design and styling accessories were all specially chosen to align with this concept.

TP: What about this design do you feel makes it masculine?
0932 DCWe think it’s more about the attitude to a style of living that makes this space feel like an individual space . The design of the space is not just about the wall decoration but It is also about the selection of furniture , accessories and an attitude that 0932 is trying to envision within this space.

TP: What one tip would you give men trying to make their homes a more contemporary or well designed?
0932 DCLess is not necessary bore. A few good selection of furniture can compliment the space of an interior. A Home should be a comfortable space that brings out the character of its owner through the selection of artwork and choice of materials.

TP: What is your current project?
0932 DCWe are currently working on a Serviced Apartment in Indonesia , a Private Residence in Malaysia and apartments in town. We hope there will be more opportunity to work on commercial and hospitality projects, to bring more well-designed space for our future clients.


Type: Show Suite
Location: Malaysia
Floor Area: 754 ft2
Year of Completion: 2014