In Between the Waves

Alessandro Puccinelli Shoots While Swimming to Capture his Love of the Ocean

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‘The idea comes from the feeling I get when I swim into the ocean,’ Portugal based photographer, Alessandro Puccinelli told The Plus about his recent series, In Between part 2. ‘When I dive into the waves, I feel good in some ways but I also feel a sort of confusion, I’m not in power as when I’m on the ground: the whole series comes from this idea.’

These images of the sea are his second collection, in which he uses a camera in a water housing, and swims into the sea in the south of Portugal, letting the currents carry his body as he photographs the confusion and blur of the waves. Alessandro achieves the paint-stroke like effects with the use of a long shutter speed. We had to find out more about his work:

The Plus: Your portfolio is quite varied, how would you describe the style of this photography?
Alessandro Puccinelli:
This one in particular is quite experimental and I feel I should call it “Abstract”.
I tried in some ways to achieve a result that reminds the late works of Turner. I like to experiment and change technique but all my works carry in way or another a certain amount of drama.

TP: Do you plan to do more projects on oceans?
I just started a new body of work about a beach in south Portugal that I consider as my home the first it. I have to find a way to convey to the viewer, how and why this place means so much for me. It’s not an easy task; it’s going to be a very personal work.

TP: Equipment of choice?
Canon 5d ii


In Between 05, Praia do Malhaò, Portugal
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