Visualising January

Apostolos Nikolaidis Embarks on a Project to Capture Each Month of 2015

Filmed during an afternoon in the industrial zone of Piraeus, Greece’s biggest harbor, Greek filmmaker, Apostolos Nikolaidis, created this cinematic ode to the first month of the New Year. He has aims to create more of these throughout 2015, as a way to keep, ‘motivated, productive & creative’ alongside his professional work.

‘It’s a great opportunity to produce new content. You just wake up and say – Hey, it’s a new month. Let’s go out and play -,’ he told us about his new ongoing project. ‘Also every month has it’s colors and personal mood. That’s something interesting to be captured.’ Apostolos told us more about these striking visuals:

Visualising January1
The Plus: Were there any particular challenges in creating January?
Apostolos Nikolaidis:
The light. I was “chasing” that light from the previous day. It was a very impressive day in matters of light and I tried hard to capture it.

TP: Could you tell us a little of your creative process?
Images are really important to me. I just go out when I feel I should and try to express myself through them. You can create totally different images or worlds from the exact same camera position at the same time of the day. Attention to the detail is what matters when creating content.

Visualising January2
TP: How does this video compare to your professional style?
It’s a 100% different stylistic approach. Paid work is paid work and personal projects are a whole different world for me. The amount of freedom in the personal projects really makes a difference.

TP: Do you already have plans for a February?
Yes I do. There’s is another area close to the harbor, an old oil factory that I would like to film but I have no idea how the final result is going to look like.

Visualising January3