Sketchbook Experiments

Illustrator Jared Muralt Fills pages with Imaginative Studies of People, Inventions, Nature and Homes

We couldn’t help being drawn to this selection of drawings from Switzerland based illustrator, Jared Muralt’s current sketchbook. Said to carry his sketchbook with him at all times, he is always ready to capture whenever everyday life takes hold of his imagination.

‘My sketches are a direct translation in ink of situations and emotions that compel me in a specific moment to immortalise them into my sketch books.’

His sketchbooks are constantly filled with fascinating studies of people, inventions, nature and homes, not to mention his caricatures, imaginative scenes, and sci –fi experiments. It is exciting to see his sketchbook work, which shows a different side to his professional pieces, and we can’t wait to see more of this. Jared kindly told us more:

The Plus: You’ve shared your sketchbook online a few times, would you say that your style has changed, or developed in any way?
Jared Muralt:
Generally yes, I do hope I have further developed my drawing skills, but in their essence i.e. in their content and intent my sketches remain the same.

TP: What has been the biggest influence on your artistic style?
Great artists such as: Winsor McCay, Hergé and Moebius.

TP: Your sketchbook brand of choice?
Moleskine – my all time favourite

TP: What advice would you give to budding illustrators?
Draw every day and never feel like you need to reinvent the wheel (style wise) – this time we are born into presents a plethora of art/artists/creative influences – let them be an inspiration to your work, don’t let them intimidate you.

TP: Are you working on any major projects currently?
My latest comic, Hellship“ is in print right now and will be published in February, it’s an anti-war story set in WWII that I started over six years ago and I finally had the opportunity to finish.