Snaps of Snacks & Whole Hearted Delights

Photographer Lina Skukauskė’s New Blog is a Playful Experiment of Visual Storytelling and Healthy Living

We at The Plus are suckers for some gorgeous food photography, and after stumbling across Munich-based photographer, Lina Skukauskė’s dreamy pictures of wholesome looking dishes, we knew we had to find out more.
It turns out that this collection is just one part of her new blog project, Wholehearted Delights, which will encompass all aspects of healthy living, including subjects such as vegetarian/raw food, creativity, femininity & spirituality.

‘My intention is to tell inspiring stories that uplift people, change their perspective about the world and empower them to create the life they would wholeheartedly enjoy.’

Lina’s simple and intuitive food photography makes full use of natural light. ‘I don’t do overcomplicated compositions,’ she told us. ‘The food itself is the main focus- its color, texture, shape. I arrange my compositions intuitively, the way I naturally feel inclined to.’ We found out more about her photography and blog:

The Plus: How will your creative skills be used on Wholehearted Delights?
Lina Skukauskė:
I was always a very visual person. I finished graphic design studies in Denmark, and work as photographer, and I love learning about online business, marketing and communication. I believe we all have interesting stories to tell and I like telling mine visually, so photography will be an essential part of my blog.

TP: Do you have any tips for budding food photographers?
Practice a lot and look at the works of advanced food photographers and analyze their images. What do you like about them? -Their brightness or moodiness? -Specific angles or specific use of props? Also there is an incredible amount of information on the Internet for those who are willing to learn. I also really like the book: “Plate to Pixel: Digital Food Photography and Styling” by H.Dujardin.

TP: How big a role does editing play in your photography work?
Each image undergoes processing in Lightroom, sometimes just a bit, sometimes a lot. I always shoot in raw format, so images straight out of the camera don’t look so good. But shooting raw gives me a lot of creative freedom when editing. I would highly suggest to everyone interested in photography to learn digital editing – it can work wonders for your images!