Portrait of a Young Snowboarder

Pirmin Juffinger Captures a Slice of the Prodigy, Marcus Kleveland’s Snowboarding Life

Aged just 13, Marcus Kleveland broke records by becoming the youngest rider to land a Triple Cork, drawing the attention of the snowboarding world to him. Two years on, Austrian filmmaker, Pirmin Juffinger visited Marcus in his home country of Norway, producing this atmospheric short film in the process.

‘Young kids his age normally don’t have much to say besides ‘it’s so much fun’, so I was really surprised that he had some well-considered stuff to say.’

‘I always give my work some love and try to produce different and outstanding pieces,’ Pirmin told The Plus. ‘And so I tried with Marcus, to break some rules and bring in some fresh styles and ideas.’ We asked Pirmin more about the film: Portrait of a Young Snowboarder3 The Plus: Can you describe the film in one line? Pirmin Juffinger: A visual journey through the world of the progressing Marcus Kleveland, as an athlete and as person. TP: Tell us about your colour choices. PJ: I guess this was just a matter of my taste. The super 8 shots are in color. The digital images are in black and white. I tried to work a lot with shadows and natural lights in the movie. Portrait of a Young Snowboarder2 TP: Why slow-motion? PJ: I’m not a big fan of slow motion in sports, but here I felt it was kinda necessary since this is a deeper look into Marcus’s life. You can listen what he’s got to say, whilst watching his great riding skills, and the other images. TP: What would you say is Marcus’ most vital quality as an athlete? PJ: It can’t be the unhealthy food he eats all day long! I guess it’s his hole surrounding, Living next to his local ski hill, riding all the time, relatively sheltered from the outside world, Marcus has the same air of innocence he had at 13. He’s got a really cool dad who is taking care for him in the right way. Portrait of a Young Snowboarder1