Feminine Symbols

Russian Glamour 2014 Opening Ceremony Video Blooms with Flowers

With flowers fluttering, humming birds hovering, and letters streaming in like Champagne out of a bottle, the video for Russian Glamour 2014 Opening Ceremony Video is visually strong, yet feminine. With the brief to create something feminine and flowery, this video is in stark contrast to the GQ awards video, which we spoke to designer Alexandr Gorin about previously.

Made for Fastfoxes, the team consisted of Anton Shavkero – art-direction; Alexandr Gorin – design; Yuriy Adam – motion-design; and Andrey Ereshenko – sound-design. Alexandr told us more about it:

The Plus: What were the creative steps for this animation?
Alexandr Gorin:
At first we created precious sketches of every scene, then 3d letter animations, and then we filled it up with all the details.

TP: What is the process usually like, when asked to make opening ceremony sequences?
Usually we have more creative freedom when making intros for events.

TP: What does the word Glamour mean to you?
Grotesque beauty.


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