The Last Light

The Time of Darkness in the West Coast of Northern Norway

Between the 2nd of December and 10th of January, at 68ºN in Northern Norway, the frost-covered landscape is routinely plunged into what is known as ‘The Time of Darkness.’ During this period, the sun disappears out of view, below the horizon, although its rays still manage to lighten the mountaintops and land below.

‘My aim is to express the feeling one gets when you are in the midst of it. My main purpose is to recreate the atmosphere, which dwells in the landscape and how this resonances in the viewer.’

Bjørg-Elise Tuppen’s series, The Last Light, beautifully captures this melancholic atmosphere created by the disrupted light. The Norwegian photographer also studies Graphic Design, and strives towards creating different visual moods, narratives and wonder with her work. We asked her more about it:

The Plus: The subtlety of the colours is amazing, how did you achieve this?
Bjørg-Elise Tuppen: The colours are made by nature. I did not use filters when I took these photos and I did not add colors in post productions. The light is amazing up here, and even though I was born here and should be used to it, the beauty of it still amazes me. The only editing done in this series is the adding of a texture and adjusting the levels and curves. I did this to underline the magical and dreamlike quality of the landscape.

TP: What’s the most important thing to remember in landscape photography?
BET: This really depends on what sort of mood or scenery you want to reflect, but a good tip is to make sure that you have maximal depth of field and to bring a tripod if you are taking pictures during dusk or dawn.

TP: Can we expect more landscape photography from you?
BET: I am lucky to live a place where the landscape and nature is defined by contrasts and raw beauty. Because of this I always carry my camera with me. This winter I plan to make a photographic series that reflects the polar landscape during ‘The Time of Darkness’ when the sun is under the horizon.