Temple Invisible: Disappearance

Building Collectiveness by destroying the personal identity

Playing around with the idea of building collectiveness by destroying the personal identity, Temple Invisible’s latest music video is the perfect visual compliment to their dark electronic debut track, Disappearance.

The video is an excerpt from Collective Identity; a short Romanian film directed by choreographer Sandra Mavhima and cinematographer Radu Aldea.

‘We are very good friends with choreographer Sandra and Radu Aldea,’ Irina Bucescu of Temple Invisible told us. Along with band mates Costas Ivanov and Daniel Olteanu, they decided that the film had an undeniable connection to their music.

‘We knew exactly what part of the film would resonate with ‘Disappearance. So Costas, being a film director, started editing and pretty soon we had a first draft. Radu and Sandra approved our version so everything clicked right away.’

We think its definitely time to explore this unique Bucharest band and their experimental, electronic music laden with trip-hop style vocals. So we asked Irina more about them:

The Plus: Tell us about the birth of Temple Invisible?
Irina Bucescu:
Costas and I made our first song in December 2012. We found the name for the band and started working on songs. We met Daniel in April 2014 and invited him to join the band.

TP: What is your musical approach?
Our inspiration comes from bands like Radiohead, Atoms for Peace, NIN, How to destroy Angels, Massive Attack, Moderat and U.N.K.L.E. Electronic music seems to resonate best at the moment as for the future we want to keep experimenting in all directions possible.

TP: How does the video connect with the ideas in the song?
It’s a journey inside the dancers mind, while they are attempting to regain their uniqueness. As for the video, being an excerpt from the film, it contains the same message, just a little condensed like on a roller coaster. The rest is contained in the lyrics.