Being Art: Evolvere

Berdieke van Diesen Interprets the Evolution Induced by an Art Education

Berdieke van Diesen is quickly becoming one of our favourite upcoming artists: for the beauty and professionalism of her work, as well as its refreshing diversity. She covers everything from photography, to performance art, with thoughtfulness and creativity.

As a student, exploring as many styles as possible makes top of her priorities. This video tells the story of an art student whose world is gradually filled with colour and ideas, eventually becoming the embodiment of art.

‘Even though everything looks very abstract I think it communicates a progress in something. Everyone interprets it differently. That is what’s amazing about art: you share your vision and you let your audience use their imagination.’ – Berdieke van Diesen

For this project, Evolvere, Berdieke worked as the art director, painter and model, collaborating with colourist, Koen Ploum, and cameraman and filmmaker Niels Peetjens. We asked her about artistic growth:

I value art that…
Touches me. When I really feel something when I look at it, it means that I understand the image, that I feel the story behind it. Art is good when it touches the audience that it’s made for.

‘Paint’ makes me think of…
Visualising your imagination. Its a wonderful way to paint the things you imagine and share them with the world. With paint you can share your vision with the world.

Creativity comes from…
The heart- if you really love your work and have a lot of passion about what you do. The only reason that I can do what I do now is because of passion.

To grow as an artist…
You must believe in yourself and never give up on something you love. Even if it is really hard to learn something, if you are passionate and motivated you will succeed.