Pantone Colour Cuisine

The Famous Pantone Colour System Has Many Uses, Including Helping You to Order Spanish Food

Spain based branding company Gastromedia has created this visually delicious food guide, which organizes typical Spanish dishes into the famous Pantone color system. The team aimed to help non-Spanish speakers avoid the disappointment at bars and restaurants, that comes with ordering the wrong thing by accident.

We wanted to go to the essence of each dish. So we decided to be simple and create iconic pictures of typical Spanish food.
— Pedro Alvarez Bretones, Director of Gastromedia

The series includes Pantone 4525c complemented by some yummy-looking Manchego cheese, Pantone 4625c placed with Black beans stew with sacraments, and some hearty looking Rice pudding atop the Pantone 7527c.

Use this, commit it to memory, and never order the wrong Spanish dish again! Pedro told us more:

The Plus: How did you start the project?
Pedro Álvarez:
There were a few works already published that connects Pantone colors with food. So we decided to play with those two worlds. The result was a great finding, we came up with the exact colour of each typical Spanish dish. Isn’t that great?

TP: What was the criteria of choosing the dishes?
Well, it was really easy. First, we started with a list of the most typical dishes. You know, those you can find in almost any single bar or restaurant across Spain. Then, we selected those dishes with a predominant and uniform colour.

TP: Could you tell us a little about the creative process?
Basically, this project is about mixing food and design with colour as the common language. It’s funny how people have reacted to this project totally amazed because they realise that food is colourful. I mean, black is not just a colour, is also the colour of the black paella (a paella made with squids and squid-ink).

TP: Do you have a favourite Spanish dish?
This is the hardest part to answer. For me, a favourite dish has to do with a special moment. Right now, I would tell you that one of my favourite dishes is Jamón Ibérico with sherry wine, it’s delicious.

TP: What’s the next move for Gastromedia?
We are constantly working in new ways to approach food. We believe that consumers are demanding new ways of interacting with food producers in order to establish a more natural, rather than institutional relationship, between them. The real problem is that people are losing cooking habits at the same time they watch more food TV programs than ever before, read blogs, watch videos on youtube, etc. To avoid that, food needs to use all the power of today’s digital communications.