A Night in Borisova Garden

Bulgaria- Based photographer, Mariyan Atanasov’s Haunting New Series

This dark, brooding series takes place in Borisova Garden in Bulgaria. The chilling black and white images where captured by industrial design student and photographer, Mariyan Atanasov. His photographic interests range from urban and architectural structures, to hills, valleys and all picturesque landscapes in between.

With his expert way of capturing light, fog, and shadows, these images appear illuminated from within. The street lamps, which chase away the darker edges of each frame, play a vital role in the haunting mood created. We fired some questions at Mariyan:

The Plus: Your style is…
Mariyan Atanasov: Its a kind of minimal, but its a documentary photography actually.

TP: Weapons of choice?
MA: I use a nikon d7000 and 1.8d lens, and cullman tripod

TP: And what are you working on currently?
MA: I’m a web designer right now.

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