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New York Motion Graphic Designer, Sander van Dijk, Gives life to Buck’s Logo

With diverse geometric shapes playfully moving about in this clean and simple animation, motion graphic designer Sander van Dijk, has given life to the new logo of design-driven production company, BUCK.

The animator who works at Buck New York, aimed to give the logo no added dimensions, but merely to show ‘a pure expression of how the logo would unfold and express itself.’

This video not only spells out the company’s name with abstract shapes and lines, but also clearly communicates their creative and artistic spirit. Sander told us more about it:

The Plus: What was your first step in animating the logo?
Sander van Dijk: Really understanding the geometric proportions of each letter and imagining how they would get into place and appear onto the screen.

TP: Was that difficult to do?
SvD: The thick strokes were a challenge. I wrote some custom javascript code called (expressions) in After Affects to make some of the animation possible. I also developed my own plugin called Ray Dynamic Color to be able to change the colors quickly.

TP: What are you working on now/next?
SvD: I’m always looking out for interesting ideas to communicate with the universal language of Motion Design, and I’m creating new tools like Ray Dynamic Color to keep empowering animation artists with better tools. Keep an eye on my Instagram page.