Movement with Dust

Tomas Januska Captures Skateboarders Riding Downhill in Colorful Mixed Sports Action Shoot

Movement means a lot to Lithuanian photographer Tomas Januska of Digitoast Productions, as you might be aware of if you’ve seen his previous work, such as Gravity which we here at The Plus absolutely loved!

His recent photographs capture downhill skateboarders doing slides with dust, displaying the technicality of the sliding movement, which is emphasised by the colourful dust.

‘I do like to take portraits,’ Tomas told us, ‘but I really enjoy doing various action shots because of the unpredictability of what you can see. Being an active person myself, I like to capture what is going on around me.’

The Plus: The project was shot outdoors, how did you achieve such a dark background?
Tomas Januska:
I was using new Profoto B1 flash heads, which allows me to shoot earlier than night time. Fast and powerful flash helps me a lot to darken background and shot series of strobes to get the right moment.

TP: What equipment did you use?
The equipment was pretty simple: Nikon D800E camera with Nikon 70-200mm lens and Profoto B1 flash head with reflector.

TP: What’s the significance of the dust?
It’s a mixture of different colour kids paint powder mixed with flour and dust. It helps to show momentum of the rider movement, also it creates more interesting background.