Indistinct Borders

Capturing the Fleeting Meeting Points Between Land and Sea in Fine Arts Photography

In the series, Indistinct Borders, which meditates on the complexities of boundaries, and more so, the shifting perceptions of where land and sea meet, Germany based photographer, Sebastian Schlueter, challenges us to reconsider our perceptions of the word: ‘border’.

While documenting nature and humans, I feel this series combines both, even though we don´t see any people in the images. This series concentrates on the subtle traces left by humans in nature and is closely connected to poetry and music.’

His images depict indefinite and indistinct borders, through misty shorelines, derelict constructions and dilapidated metal fences. Taken at the Point Reyes National Seashore in California, just north of San Francisco, the images are stunning reminder of transience and the subtlety of the world’s changeability. Sebastian told us more:

The Plus: What’s the most important thing to keep in mind when taking photos of scenery and landscapes?
Sebastian Schlueter: I always try to convey the moods and feelings I had while experiencing something that moves me. This could be landscape or people. So I think the most important thing is authenticity, which you should never loose.

TP: What’s the inspiration behind the name of the series?
SS: The Romantic Literature and its basic ideas. The paintings of Caspar David Friedrich and J.M.W. Turner always struck a chord in me. I feel that this little remote part of the earth that I am showing in my images, reflects a lot of these ideas. The title should help the audience to understand how closely yet vaguely all the elements of nature are connected. Looking at the horizon you see the border between sky and earth and this line is everything between indistinct and defined.
Indistinct Borders4
Indistinct Borders5
TP: The medium of black and white is…
SS: Its appropriate for the idea of vanishing or indistinct borders. There is no colour that separates objects from backgrounds, it is all about contrast and tone. The mood and feel of the landscape and the idea of the series could be more easily conveyed in black and white, even though the paintings I am referring to in the question before are mostly in colour.

TP: Up next…
SS: I am working on a portrait series. Something truly different to the other work I have published so far. I do as well continue to shoot in the streets, and am presently collecting images from Shanghai.Indistinct Borders6
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Indistinct Borders8
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