Cycling in Clifton for Cereal

Videographer James Stapleton on Riding Around the City Suburb for the Travel & Lifestyle Magazine 1

As huge admirers of the Clifton Suspension Bridge, videographer James Stapleton and the guys over at Cereal Magazine, could think of no better place to set the complimenting video for the Bristol, UK chapter of their volume-7 edition.

With an artful black and white feel, the scenes glide beautifully in slow motion around the area; an effect achieved by ‘fixing a camera mount to the back of a car or by operating the camera whilst hanging dangerously out of one of the windows,’ James revealed to us. ‘I also added a lightweight tripod head to the car mount to allow me to operate the camera whilst the vehicle was in motion.’ With Cereal’s strong sense of visual and stylistic aesthetic, James tells us of the easy and inspired working relationship he has with the magazine, which collates stunning visuals and stories from around the world. 2

Now working on corporate videos as well as hatching future plans with Cereal, James found time to tell us more about the video and his work.

The Plus: Apart from filming whilst hanging dangerously out of the window, were there any other difficulties with shooting in motion?
James Stapleton:
Stabilisation was certainly a bit of a headache. We carried out a couple of tests beforehand to determine which mounting positions on the car would result in the least amount of vibration, but even with it optimised we still had to rely on post stabilisation to remove any distortions caused by wobble and rolling shutter.

TP: Style is…
Something that other people might be able to detect but is something that you yourself struggle to recognise.

TP: And your style is…
James Stapleton:
I find it really hard to describe the style of my own videos. When I film I find that I just go by what looks right on the camera. Of course that doesn’t mean that I will begin filming without first having thought things through!

TP: Why black and white?
It’s a way of eliminating distractions within the frame. There were a lot of bright coloured cars on both days that we were filming, so having the video in monochrome made objects in the background a lot less distracting. 3 4 5