Sculptural Unrealities

Exploring Stereotypes and Body Image in this Vibrant Black and White Photography Project

New York based, fine arts photographer, Josephine Cardin, is a dancer turned photographer, whose love of poise and movement is clear to see in her images. In her latest project, Sculptural Unrealities, the model displays a disdain for the images that are thrust upon her by the insidious arms surrounding her.

Josephine accompanies the project with a quote from Virginia Woolf, emphasizing the need for people to ‘go on adventuring, changing, opening my mind and my eyes, and refusing to be stamped and stereotyped.’ – A sentiment echoed by the movement of the model who seems to be aching to break free. We asked Josephine more about the project:

The Plus: What came first, the Virginia Woolf quote, or the images?
Josephine Cardin: The work came first and I happened to find the quote later, which perfectly fit what I was going for. I’m obsessed with words, quotes, poems and lyrics.

TP: What were your creative steps?
JC: This is a self-portraiture project, as are most of my projects, so I shot my main photo, then shot multiple images of my arms/hands. I’m fairly new to doing this type of work in Photoshop and I feel I have a lot to learn!

TP: How important is dance to your work?
JC: As a former dancer I can’t help but interpret ideas and emotions with movement. It just happens naturally for me. I feel that dance, even in a still shot, creates such a magical illusion of movement.

TP: These images should make the viewer think about…
JC: Being themselves! Too many of us base what we like, don’t like, how to look, how to act, what to think, all on what is fed to us by what is “popular,” or mainstream. That’s horribly sad and boring. I want people to free themselves and let go of the notion that they need to be something else in order to be happy.

TP: Your best piece of advice for students…
JC: Create from within and find your own voice. Your audience can tell.