La Féline: Les Fashionistes (au loin)

Fantastical Documentary Style Music Video Shot in the Outskirts of Paris

‘It’s a song about fashion, the air of time, and thus the ephemera, as seen by someone who feels a bit out of it,’ director Laurie Lassalle explained to us about the meaning behind, Les Fashionistes, the latest song by French musician La Féline.

The video, shot in Super 16mm, features locations in the suburbs to the north and east of Paris, Bobigny, Bagnolet, Pantin. These towns are gradually becoming known as ‘Great Paris’- as part of a big developmental plan for the region.

‘I wanted to show this notion of the peculiarity of buildings, sometimes destroyed, or soon to be destroyed, sometimes under construction,’ Laurie told us. ‘The fast-changing places in a town say something about the way we redefine our future life.’

Now working on a feature film, we caught up with Laurie to talk about her work:

The Plus: This video is quite gritty and surreal, would you say that’s definitive of your style?
Laurie Lassalle: I like this way of being on the line between several genres: art, documentary, fantasy. The sensation always overflows the reality.

TP: How did the collaboration with La Féline come about and what was that process like?
Agnès aka La Feline inspired the creation of a super-heroine who comes back to the suburb of her childhood. Agnès is a friend and she liked the idea. She granted us all her trust on two essential things: the places and the creation of the costume by Karine Marques Ferreira.

TP: What do the animal masks represent?
The ephemera and the absurd, and by opposition, a return to nature, towards which I believe we shall have to go eventually.