Symbolising Headgear

A Minimalist Recreation of Helmets from Famous Movies and Games

Inspired by and recreated from well-known, famous and symbolic movies and video games, the helmets in Spanish animator and illustrator Ion Lucin’s most recent series, Symbolism, are an exploration into the depths of meanings behind these diverse objects.

‘I did a project which was a tribute to Daft Punk, sometime ago,’ Ion told us, ‘exploring symbolism through their helmets. I thought it would be a great project to explore more of.’

In his latest series, Ion has kept it simple, choosing to express more with less, searching for space where there isn’t any, playing with negative space, and creating Gestalt. We explored more of Symbolism with Ion:

The Plus: What was your approach in designing these helmets?
Ion Lucin:
All these helmets are actually 3D models that I created myself, and then 3D rendered with a specific, custom technique. I do it in a way that feels and looks like illustrations. Its very complicated, but the results are satisfying to me.

TP: How did you choose which helmets to recreate?
Only those with great symbolic value were acceptable. When all the models were made, I had to think in colours, in symbolism, in shape and form, and it’s a different approach for each one.

TP: Will you be exploring more of symbolism or helmets in the future?
No, I don’t like to repeat myself. Before this project I did a typeface, this project is a 3D illustration, and I think the next project might be motion graphics and animation. Its just a question of if I can manage to find the free time for a personal project, in between work and freelance projects.