Julien Pacaud: Digital Collagist

Julien Pacaud’s Artworks are a Playful Computerised Collage of Vintage and Modern Images

With the juxtaposition of vintage images, geometrical lines, nature and architecture, France-based artist and illustrator, Julien Pacaud, manages to make digital collages that are timeless, often futuristic, and inarguably surreal.

‘I call it “digital collage”, because I work only with existing elements, but use a computer instead of scissors and glue,’ Julien explained to us.

Having studied cinematography as a child, Julien taught himself art and illustration after resolving that he needed to work in a more solitary form of creating.

Air Lanes
The images, which can take anything from 2 hours to a few days to make, depending on flow of thoughts and feelings, are edited on Photoshop. We asked Julien more about his processes:

The Plus: What are your creative and technical steps for each image?
Julien Pacaud:
First I have to find photos that inspire me. I search through old magazines and books, scanning them to build an image bank where i can pick elements when needed. I don’t have a precise idea of what I’ll do when I start working on a piece.

TP: So your process is purely experimental?
I trust my instinct, and not so much my intellect. I like to involve the unexpected, the accidents that can occur during the creative process. I start not really knowing where I’ll go, and then the path becomes clearer and clearer and I eventually find the way.

TP: What have been the biggest influences on your collage work?
Such a huge mix of all the things that have inspired me since I was a child: From the “Twilight Zone” to “Twin Peaks” TV series, to Magritte’s paintings, to Storm Thorgerson record covers, vintage erotica and futuristic architecture.