The 13th World: Fashion, Nature & Harmony

Director Igor Kiselev on Shooting Moonbeam’s Latest Video, 13th World

The 13th World - Fashion, Nature & Harmony1

Shot in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, the stunning video for Moonbeam’s latest track, 13th world featuring Avis Vox, takes place in such haunting locations as the forest near the city’s suburb, on the roofs of old fashioned houses, and in an abandoned theatre. ‘The last location was the most impressive for the whole team,’ director Igor Kiselev told us about the video. ‘It is scary in some ways, but still very mesmerizing.’

Igor has already worked with the unique trance duo on previous music videos and a full-length work named “III”, which is now doing the rounds in film festivals. Now working on commercials and a personal full-length film, Igor told us more about the making of the 13th world video:

The Plus: This project has a strong fashion video feel, is that what you were going for?
Igor Kiseley:
Yes, but only in some ways. I wanted to show a harmonic compound of women’s beauty, perfection and nature.

The 13th World - Fashion, Nature & Harmony2
The 13th World - Fashion, Nature & Harmony3
TP: How did you come up with the concept?
We created the idea of the music video together with the singer Avis Vox, and our stylist Maria Pushkova. So we thought of some general lines for the plot, the stylistics of the video and images for girls, then started realization.

TP: What was the most difficult thing to pull off?
Some of the scenes were shot in rapid, so, girls had to sing two times faster than the original track. It was a little bit of a problem but also a lot of fun for all the team!

The 13th World - Fashion, Nature & Harmony4
The 13th World - Fashion, Nature & Harmony5
The 13th World - Fashion, Nature & Harmony6
The 13th World - Fashion, Nature & Harmony7