Tokyo Health Club: City Girl

The Japanese Hip Hop Group Takes Us on a Brisk Tour of the Dazzling City

Tokyo Health Club - City Girl1
Known as one of the busiest and most fashionable centers of Japan, Shibuya is a special ward of Tokyo that you might have seen before in films such as Lost in Translation, The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, and Resident Evil: Afterlife.

In Japanese hip hop group, Tokyo Health Club’s latest music video, we are taken on a whirlwind journey around the city, following a selection of girls as they stroll, walk and run around Shibuya.

‘The song is about the weekend being over and the melancholy of anticipating the start of a new week,’ director Takahiro Yasuda explained to us.’ ‘The video’s concept is taken from the perspective that you are stalking,’ he told us. We asked more about the making:

The Plus: Were there any difficulties in shooting around Tokyo?
Takahiro Yasuda:
On the day of shooting the weather was bad, we were only able to shoot half of what we had originally planned, but in the end we were able make a good cut somehow.

TP: What kind of mood did you aim to create?
We wanted to match the sound with the composition and color of the video; we wanted to recreate the melancholic atmosphere of “CITY GIRL”

TP: How does this video compare to your general creative style?
Due to being a graphic designer, I usually work with many motion graphics when making a movie. However this time, I was aware of the reality, with an emphasis on the concept.

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